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Amateur Radio Instant Messaging (ARIM)

ARIM means "Amateur Radio Instant Messaging". It's a protocol for sending and receiving text messages and files over the ARDOP TNC being developed by Rick KN6KB and John G8BPQ. arim is a host mode program for ARIM which runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. Full information and download links are found on the ARIM home page.

New! gARIM is a graphical (GUI) version of ARIM, available for Linux and Raspberry Pi operating systems. Ergonomics and layout are similar to ARIM, and the command prompt is still there for those who prefer to use the keyboard for controlling the program. Full information and download links are found on the gARIM home page.

ARIM v2.x Home Page

gARIM Home Page


FSQCALL v0.24.6 "US Edition"

Current Version 0.24.6 (20 May 2015)

Current Version 0.24.6 Source Code (20 May 2015)

ZL1BPU's FSQCALL Home Page (Check it out!)

This version is dubbed the "US Edition" to reflect the fact that many of the new features introduced in v0.24 were based on feedback from US hams.

Kudos to Murray ZL1BPU and Con ZL2AFP for developing the FSQ protocol and the FSQCALL program. Special thanks are due to Mike KA4CDN who developed several significant new features, and to the beta testers who have been very helpful. It's been a pleasure working with these fine folks.

Installation is easy. Download and unzip the file, which contains the executable and supporting documentation. The package includes file "Readme.txt" which contains installation instructions. File "Release Notes" outlines all of the new v0.24.6 features.

Be sure to take a look at the excellent Help articles in FSQCALL:

Choose Help->FSQ Help from the menu for an overview of FSQCALL in Chat mode including the Menus used to configure the program

Choose Help->FSQCALL Help from the menu for a guided tour of the FSQCALL features and operating instructions, including the handy heard list shortcut menu.

Choose Help->IMAGE Help from the menu for a full description of the FSQCALL image mode and operating instructions for sending and receiving image files.

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